Shannon Kramer
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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one Shannon Rae
Kramer who was born in Torrance, Calif. on January 28, 1986 and passed away in Temecula, Calif. on March 10, 2005 at the age of 19 from brain cancer.
Shannon will be remember for her beautiful smile and her kindness to other people.  She will always be in our hearts and we will think of her daily, she will never be forgotten. 

Shannon was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multi-Forme (brain cancer) at the age of sixteen, this is one of the most aggressive and deadly cancers.  For three years she battled this disease with courage, strenght, a sense of humor and most of all her faith in the Lord.  Shannon in those three years went through two surgeries, thirteen weeks of radiation and one and a half years of chemotherapy.  She was probably physically weaker than most people but she had the strongest spirit. Shannon never focused on herself and she didn't want to be treated differently.  She never questioned or asked why.  Shannon touched alot of lives, she inspired others to believe in themselves and she continues to be an inspiration even though she is no longer with us.  Shannon was a caring, helpful, and fun loving person, she loved her family with all of her heart.  Her beautiful smile will live on in the hearts of everyone who loved her.  Shannon fought her cancer with great strenght, she never gave up.  Cancer may have taken her body, but it did not take her spirit, for she trusted in the Lord.

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Tributes and Condolences
Shannon's Birthday   / Bernadtte Kramer (Mom)
Happy 24th Birthday Shannon it has been five years since we last celebrated a birthday with you and that birthday was so bittersweet because it was your last birthday with us.  Me Molly and Max went to the cemetery and put pretty pink roses at y...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Shannon!   / Bernadette Kramer (Mom)
Shannon it is your 23rd birthday today, it is the fourth birthday without you, where did the time go?  It just seems like yesterday you were here with us celebrating your 19th birthday.  Dad is going to make your favorite meal tonight, can ...  Continue >>
My New Life In South Carolina   / Darrell Kramer (Uncle)
Hi Shan Shan! peekaboo! it's your uncle dare. I love and will always miss you. I now live on the east coast not to far from Aunt Letha. it is beautiful here. lots of trees and greenery. i live in the Boone docks and it is very quiet. I also have...  Continue >>
Please play with our dog Charlie   / Shelley Regules (Her friend's mother )
Shannon, I know you have been playing with our dog Charlie who died July 14, 2008.  He loves catching the frisbee but chews it up if he has a the chance, he was only one year old.  We miss you so much!  Please tell Charlie that we lov...  Continue >>
have not forgotten   / Adriana Broussard (good friend )
I always find myself thinking about you. I get sad because life  is so unfair. i wish i could rewind time. i always look at old pictures and laugh. i know your in a better place. i have dreams about you all the time! always thinking an...  Continue >>
Thinking of you  / Bernadette Kramer (Mom)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Shannon  / Carrie Wilkins (Cousin)    Read >>
Shannon / Linda Lilly (Great Aunt )    Read >>
Missing you!!! to Shannon  / Meagan Stebbins (Best Friend )    Read >>
Missing you!  / Lorraine Regules (Friend)    Read >>
Two year anniversary  / Bernadette Kramer (Mom)    Read >>
Remembering you and Shannon  / Yolanda Rogers     Read >>
Thinking of you all...  / Lorraine Regules (Friend)    Read >>
Thinking of you all Today. Chris, Bernie, Natalie, Jay, Garrett, and Vivian  / Rick &. Marla Beck (Uncle,Aunt & Godmother )    Read >>
Thank you for blessing my life with Shannon!  / Jenn Eldred (Cousin by marriage )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Shannon's Legacy  
Shannon left behind a family who loved her so much, and friends who will never foget her.  Her smile we will always remember, her compassion never forgotton, her courage and strenght will brings us hope, and her faith in the Lord will carry us thorough all of our tomorrows.
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